About Riverpark Bible Church:

Riverpark Bible Church is about more than just weekend worship. They also seek to walk with Christ and serve Him. In fact, Jesus Christ is central to everything that they do. Riverpark Bible Church is located near Alluvial and Millbrook Ave. in North East Fresno. They desire to help people from all around Fresno, Clovis, Kerman, Madera and the rest of the Central Valley through ministries and bible studies for men and bible studies for women, along with other ministries. 

Church Name:

Riverpark Bible Church

Church Denomination:

Bible Church

Church Website:


Pastor / Preacher:

Jon Cox – Senior Pastor

George Posthumus – Teaching Pastor

Part of Town:

NorthEast Fresno / Riverpark Area


Another good church in the Central Valley Is Fresno Church

Fresno Church wants to make an impact on the city of Fresno that will last for generations to come. They would love to have you come and visit one of their services on Sunday’s at 9:30 or 11:00 am. If there is ever anything they can do to help meet a need you have, please don’t hesitate to contact them. It is their heart to use the Word of God and the Bible to help point people to the Person of Jesus through our various Bible studies for men and Bible studies for women, ministries and church programs. 

They Are Committed to Jesus Christ

They are not perfect, but they make it their goal to always be growing in their commitment to Jesus Christ. Regardless of where a person may be individually on their journey, they want to develop their relationship with God.

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They Are Connected to the Church

People were not created to be in isolation. The Christian faith was meant to be lived out in the context of relationships, first with God, then with others. They strive to be a community of people where authentic love is on display.

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They Are Compassionate towards Fresno

They exist for the people who are outside of their four walls. Jesus said in the Bible that He came to seek and save those who were lost, hurting, and in need. They want to continue that mission in the Central Valley and around the world. 

Fresno Church

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