At Fresno Church we love partnering with different ministries in town to be a part in reaching those with gospel message of Jesus Christ. The Fresno Rescue Mission exists to glorify God by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the least, the last and the lost in our community. The Rescue Mission partners with the Christian community, social service agencies, businesses, families, and individuals to meet the spiritual and physical needs of all men, women, and children in our community.

The Fresno Rescue Mission offers the following services.

* The Fresno Medical Respite Center, which provides men and women who are recovering from medical treatment or surgery with a place to stay and care during their recovery.

* The Sobering Center, which gives intoxicated men and women a safe place to “sleep it off” without having to go through the time and cost involved in booking them into the County Jail.

* Emergency Overnight Stay allows for single men, single women, women with children, men with children, or families to have a secure place to have rest when they first come to us in need. They provide one night of comfort and safety, leading to a next-day meeting with a case manager to help assess each person’s needs (either through a Mission ministry/program, or referral to another agency better-suited to meet that need.)

* The Academy, which is an 18-month residential rehabilitation and recovery program for men, is located at 95 G Street, 93706 — just south of Ventura (entrance at G Street and California Ave).

* Transitional Apartments – These apartments house men enrolled in The Academy Program who have completed the first 12 months of their program, have obtained employment or are in school full time, and are single.

* Rescue the Children – Rescue the Children is a protected, secure environment that provides emergency and long-term services to at-risk, abused, homeless, or previously incarcerated women or women with children. This location houses the Transforming Life Community, our 12-18 month residential program for women and women with children. The campus also serves as a test location for women referred through Fresno Medical Respite Center and for Next Steps resources. The selection for these ministry needs is based on oversight and our ability to meet the expected need at the time services are requested. When we are unable to meet the need well, we partner with other community agencies to meet the needs.

* The Fresno Rescue Mission receives food donations from local businesses and individuals, who generously give because they feel compassion for the least, the last, and the lost. These donations allow us to feed our guests in Community Care, The Academy, and Rescue the Children. Because of the generosity of the community, we are able to share food with other agencies, churches, and ministries. It also allows us to provide for needy families as part of our outreach ministries. Breakfast, a sack lunch, and a hot meal for dinner are available to anyone in need:

* Evening Meal (5:00 PM) and Morning Breakfast (6:00 AM)

* Currently, we serve an average of 950 to 1025 meals per day (46% increase from January 2014).

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Fresno Rescue Mission

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