At Fresno Church we want to help Ministries and organization across town that seek to help people in crisis or facing a specific need. Marjaree Mason Center supports and empowers adults and their children affected by domestic violence, while striving to prevent and end the cycle of abuse through education and advocacy.

Marjaree Mason Center Summary

Marjaree Mason Center is Fresno County’s only dedicated provider of domestic violence shelter and support services, including education for victims and youth.

The Marjaree Mason Center operates two confidentially located safe houses in Fresno County. These Safe Houses shelter men, women and children affected by domestic violence.

The Marjaree Mason Center provides a variety of legal advocacy and services to victims of domestic violence. Assistance ranges from education of the legal system to attorney representation in court.

The Marjaree Mason Center offers individual and group therapy for adults and children affected by domestic violence. Services are offered at the Marjaree Mason Center Administration Building, or you can contact our administration office at (559) 237-4706.

The Marjaree Mason Center offers a variety of education opportunities for those who have experienced domestic violence or for the community at large. Domestic Violence Advocate Training is also provided for those seeking the certification necessary to work or volunteer providing direct services to victims of domestic violence.

Ministry Phone Number:

15592374706 (business center)

1559233 HELP (4357)

Ministry Address:

1600 ‘M’ STREET, FRESNO, CA, 93721

Ministry Website:

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