Small Group Bible Studies for Couples

The Christian faith was meant to be lived out in the context of relationships, first with God, then with others. If you are looking to get plugged into a church or small group near you, we would love for you to try out one of our small group Bible studies for couples. We believe active participation in a small group is critical for your spiritual health as you grow in your understanding and application of God’s direction in your life. Having a circle of other believers around you who can speak loving truth into your heart, pray for you and do life with you allows you to be surrounded by an outpouring of God’s love, protection, and guidance in your life.

Small Groups At Fresno Church

Connection Groups are a small group ministry at Fresno Church. These connection groups meet for regular Bible studies to cover lessons that focus on practical subjects such as family, work, relationships, prayer, worship, and spiritual growth. Each group also meets for an enriching time of fellowship through quarterly activities and regularly serves our community together. These connection groups will ensure that you meet some friends and make lasting relationships with those in the church who share common interests and who are experiencing the same life stage as you. Whether you are single, newly married, an empty nester or retired, Fresno Church has a Connection Group Bible Study for you.

If you are looking for a small group where you can build lasting relationships with other couples, one of our Couples’ Bible Studies is just the right place! We have small groups for couples that meet throughout the week in the northwest Fresno, River Park, and Fig Garden areas. The couples in these groups strive to apply the Word of God in their stage of life and strengthen their Christian faith. When life has you worn out and you feel like you just can’t measure up, having a group of friends surround you in acceptance and prayer can be just the thing to keep you going! If you are in search of a small group where you can be accepted and loved while being completely authentic, prayerfully consider joining one of our couple’s small groups.

The small groups at Fresno Church are safe, enriching communities centered on a growing, personal relationship with Jesus and they’re sure to be a constant encouragement to you.

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