Speak Praise To Your Children

Just pause in an unexpected moment and say, “Hey, I just want you to know I’m proud of you, and here are some reasons why!” When you see them doing well in a kids program, be sure to let them know you noticed!

Write Specific Notes To Them

Write out your child’s good qualities and describe the successes you see unfolding in their lives. Take a moment to mail the notes to them. Their surprise is well worth the postage!

Speak Highly Of Them In Front Of Others

When your kid can hear you, speak up to others about some of the ways you see them growing, doing right, or working hard. They will rise in their attempt to live up to your description!

Acknowledge Their Heart

Let them know you understand their good intentions, even when their outcome isn’t what you intended!

Seek To Understand Their Emotions

There’s something powerful about having “the way you feel” validated by someone in authority, even if the circumstance can’t change. You may not be able to give your child their way, but you can let them know you understand how they feel.

Honor Them Tangibly

Give a gift or prefer them in a way that lets them know they are valued and esteemed by you. Treat them like you would treat someone very important in your world, because they are! Doing this “out of the blue” will reinforce that you genuinely love them.

Spend Time With Them

Every child is different, but spending time with your kids speaks volumes to them, not matter their personality type. Everyone is busy, but the truth is, we have time for what is important. Study after study reinforce the positive affect a parent can have by simply being present and available for their children.

BONUS IDEA! Be Involved In Your Church’s Kids Program

As parents, we should be invested into the spiritual development of our children. At Fresno Church we have a variety of ministries and opportunities to help partner with parents as they raise their children. These opportunities range from teen camp to weekly children services that are designed specifically for children of all ages. Show your children that you care by being involved in Children Ministry.

Have more questions about the children and teen ministries at Fresno Church? Click the links above for more information! Or check us our on Facebook!

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